FLOWERROUND are a floral offerings launched by Studio Végété.



Starting September 2020, every couple weeks you get the chance of a limited floral treat by Studio Végété. One size, one price for private residences and businesses in the City of Zurich. Pick-Up days will be released over social media.



The seasonal floral compositions always come in combination with a matching screen-printed poster of this month’s main flower. 12 graphic designers or studios were asked to interpret in their own style one specific flower given by Studio Végété.



We are using our ceramic vases of the series Eidola x Végété. Designed in collaboration with Studio Eidola, this limited series of three vases was created as a result of an exploration through material, spatial and botanical relationships. The geometry allows new possibilities for floral arrangement with hanging, standing and laid flowers. Create a dialogue by contrast! For our offering a limited number of vases are available to purchase.

1 × Flowerround

Composition + Poster                                    = CHF 90.–
add handmade vase                            total = CHF 270.–

Ask via E-Mail for longterm subscribtion discounts.