From beginning of October 2020 on Studio Végété launched once each month a limited floral offering. The main part was the seasonal floral composition by Studio Végété. Collaborating with twelve graphics designers or design studios, the flowers were accompanied each month with the interpretation of the main flower by one of the graphic designers or studios.

This design came in form of a screen-printed poster, size of 50x70cm.


Additionally Studio Végété collaborated with Studio Eidola, who designed a four pieces series of vases for the floral design studio. The vases allowed Studio Végété to work with hanging, standing or laying flowers.

In collaboration with @julmeme @chirnside.studio @olicharland  @lea.romana @romy__st @retoeckert @badesaison @yalechat @kevinhoegger @_michael_kennedy @orfeolanz @ismael___abdallah @teboul_arthur @studioeidola @denizayay