with Sara Merz

This photographic series is our love letter to the ‘Winter Mimosa’ (scien. ‘Acacia Dealbata’). Besides being one of the most beautiful winter shrubs, they are a symbol of International Women’s Day on 8th of March a tradition that dates back to 1946 in Italy. It was Rita Montagnana and Teresa Mattei, two activists fighting for womens’ equality, that first marked this day with the symbolic gesture of offering branches of ‘Mimosas’ to other women as a sign of mutual respect and support.


Their characteristic smell is often described as frilly and fragrant with an addictive honeyed almond facet. Mimosas spectacular flowering usually starts in January and can last until April. Throughout March we observed their organic growth and produced a set of personal still life images.


We intended to build a visual world between these spherical blossoms and their traditional symbolism, between human and nature. The fluffy clusters of fragrant yellow flowers work as the centerpiece of the series whilst exploring different contexts and perspectives.