Organic Neologisms

A "seeing eye" develops from looking and observing, from peeping inside things, turning things over and regarding objects for their factual appearance not necessarily connected with use or association. Interpretative Design is the name given to flower arrangements which have subject matter. They translate or elucidate to the viewer the creator's feelings about the specific subject matter. These arrangements can use any style, accepted or original, and beauty in the "prettiness" sense is not a criterion of their quality.


The collaboration of Thomas De Monaco and the stylist Aline Joana Rüede from Studio Végété follows these characteristics. Scale has been dramatised and sizes and techniques used which are not related, in order to induce special effects. Micro characteristics appear. This project is about search for the idiosyncrasies and its awesomeness which arouse and amaze the eye. But always, natural forms are the source of unending interest.